Metrolist IDX, RETS and MATRIX Update

[information]YES! Buying Buddy IS Matrix RETS enabled![/information]

In the next few weeks, all Buying Buddy accounts will be converted to the use the new MATRIX RETS system for all our Denver IDX clients.

Please check back frequently to see the latest update on our IDX RETS integration with the new Matrix system and understand the implications.

The roll out of MATRIX includes many changes to the core MLS data which you may or may not be aware of!

Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for you despite the underlying changes – so watch out for more updates and our emails to you!

MATRIX FACT – Did You Know?

  • Property Type COND is being eliminated? This will now be a single type called RESIDENTIAL
  • Photo sizes for IDX are being increased a little to 640px wide (currently 384px wide). There are much larger pictures available but Metrolist are declining to make these available via the IDX RETS feeds.

For MATRIX, IDX RETS updates, follow hashtag #MBBStatus on twitter