Add MLS content to create the listing displays you want in just a few minutes.

Embeddable IDX Content for Real Estate Websites

Create unique, customized home-search experiences with widget components that seamlessly embed within your content, on any of your web pages.
All content is part-of and on your domain, and all properties have a unique page address on your domain.

Lead capture

Stand Out

Make an impact with gorgeous IDX components supporting your brand.

Beautiful IDX widgets

Lead Capture

Lead engagement and lead capture built-in to all components.

Linked to CRM

Integrated CRM

All lead activity, searches and interests are tracked for you.

Exceptional Local Search

Add user-friendly MLS property search to your website.
  • Add a search bar or form to any page.
  • Search my location or specify a radius.
  • Custom search link URLs for canned results.
  • Popular search methods including: Local MLS fields, open house, virtual open house, virtual tours, recently listed and price drops.
  • Create custom search forms.
See Demo
Search form widget with all the local search fields from the MLS.


Dynamic map-searching is built-in. Map search is fully integrated and seamlessly combines map-based searching with the ability to drill down to property details.
  • Modern split-screen or full-screen map search.
  • Polygon area search on desktop and mobile.
  • Blazing fast with drill-down options.
  • Uses Google maps for most accurate data.
  • Intuitive, simple and easy-to-use.
See Full Demo
MLS map search with split screen to show properties and polygon area search tools.

Display Listings

Embed MLS content all over your website and showcase your own listings, or any listings, from the MLS.
  • Present listings using a gallery or grid layout, or as a carousel, list, or shown on a map.
  • Create components for hotsheet or listing landing pages that show any properties by:
    • City, zip, area, neighborhood, type of property, or based on any field in your MLS.
    • Active, pending/under-contract, sold, or properties for rent.
    • Listed by you, or listed by your office, or your team.
    • Display off-market, private or pocket listings.
  • Banners highlight open houses, just listed, price drop, coming-soon and more.
See Demo
MLS listings displayed in a grid seamlessly embedded on agents real estate site.

Property Details

Present each listing in detail. All content is on your domain and all properties have a unique page address on your domain.
  • Always featuring your branding and contact information.
  • Multiple calls to action for lead capture.
  • Support for your own multimedia and virtual tours.
  • Includes:
    • Open houses
    • Full-size photos
    • Slideshows
    • Social media integrations
    • Payment Calculator
    • Similar listings
  • Show property details in an overlay or on a new tab.
See Demo
Details of each property showing all features, mapping and lead capture.

Client Portal

A personalized space that's embedded in the IDX widgets, where your clients and leads can view listing information, and manage their own home search. Property Services will continuously re-engage to develop lead loyalty to you, your website and your brand.

The private home-search portal for your clients and leads includes the following services to help nurture relationships over the long term:

  • Save and rank properties with notes.
  • Save searches.
  • Create multiple new listing alerts.
  • See property recommendations from agent.
See Demo
Private Real Estate Portal for saved properties, saved searches and search alerts.

Agent Display Page

Agent profile pages presents comprehensive information about each agent:
  • Active / Coming Soon.
  • Sold (both sides of the transaction).
  • Off Market, pocket or private listings.
  • Under Contract.
  • Zillow profile and reviews.
See Demo
Broker widget showing complete agent profile with bio, active and sold listings, and reviews.

Teams & Office Display Pages

Including Brokerage Offices, multiple locations and Agent Roster.
  • Office and agent roster / index pages.
  • Agent landing pages and referral codes for lead assignment.
  • Multi-office support.
  • Show multiple offices pages with drill-down to find agents.
Learn More
Agent index / roster displays showing all the agents in the brokerage or real estate team.
Or, call: 800.205.0317

Custom Forms

Create your own forms in HTML to provide curated searching, or to create highly customized lead capture forms.
  • Custom search forms.
  • Custom lead capture forms with one-step or two-step methods
  • Use our library of examples.
  • Or, create your own customized design and search fields.
See Demo
Custom lead capture forms for real estate squeeze pages

IDX Plugin - Common Questions

The MLS determines the listings included in the IDX data feeds we receive.
Most MLS generally provide all listings in the feed. If these status are provided then all can be displayed on your website pages using Buying Buddy widgets.

Most MLS provide a very comprehensive data feed that typically has all the MLS fields you'd expect.
This generally means that the local specialized fields you are used to, will be available for you to create curated landing pages and even listing alerts for your clients and prospects.

The 'Display Properties with Widgets' Wizard in your Buying Buddy dashboard will guide you through the steps to create the short codes you need to do this. Just follow the steps to choose a layout (map, list or grid) and use the MLS search form to specify the criteria (including map area). Then copy and paste the generated widget code on to your web pages.

All the Buying Buddy widgets have all been carefully designed and coded to allow them to fit perfectly on all devices, and also within any container size on your website design.

Buying Buddy will not work in an IFRAME - so if you use Buying Buddy then you will certainly avoid Iframes!