Engage and qualify more sales opportunities faster.

Distribute And Assign Real Estate Leads

Quickly get leads to the right team member with multiple lead routing methods and role-based lead sharing.

Round Robin

Automatic assignment, or offer/accept.

Agent Territory

Match leads to agents.


Manually assign leads as needed.

Multiple unique lead routing methods

Buying Buddy's lead assignment policies and built-in lead distribution quickly distributes lead opportunities to your team.

Leads will be assigned or can distributed according to your preferences:

  • Built-in policies respect referral codes, website rules and listing agent details to initally assign leads.
  • Agent territory rules allow natural routing of leads to most appropriate agent.
  • Round robin automates simple lead distribution.
  • Manual lead assignment can be applied at any time.
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Built-in Lead Assignment Policies

General lead assignment policies will ensure that leads are always assigned first to an eligible agent.

Prioritized policies establish if, and how, leads are assigned:

  • Agents specifically assigned to one of your account websites.
  • Agent Referral Links are used (e.g. from advertising links).
  • Agents receive inquiries for their own listings.
  • Select Agent when registering.
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Route leads using Agent Sales Territory

Use Agent Territories to assign leads quickly to the perfect Agent.
  • Create multiple territories.
  • Leads are distributed fairly where territories overlap or are duplicated.
  • Modify, add or change territories at any time.
  • Create secondary rotation for Loan Officer assignment if desired.
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Use Round Robin to Automate Distribution

Use the round robin methods to distribute unassigned leads.
  • Add agents to the round robin rotation.
  • Rotations can be as equal, or biased with duplicate entries.
  • Assign leads automatically, or use offer-accept with set time limits.
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