Buying Buddy makes any agent or broker a super-hero

All Inclusive Real Estate Agent and Broker IDX with CRM for Real Estate Websites

IDX listings, automated campaigns, text messaging, mapping, task management and more - it's all included.

IDX listings search and display

IDX and Lead Capture

Advanced home search and property content attracts and keeps leads on your site.

Automated communications with your leads

Automated Communications

Use properties to automatically communicate with leads via email and text messaging.

Lead follow up systems

Follow Up & Tasks

Track all of the emails, phone calls, and tasks that move your prospects to buyers and sellers. Never loose track of where you are with any lead.

Complete Solution

Buying Buddy gives you a complete system that's easy to use, without needing a team of people to support you.

Our Agent and Broker IDX plugin solution includes all the widgets for displaying or showcasing properties, home search and lead capture in your real estate website, and all the CRM lead management capability you need to automatically incubate, manage and close leads.

Detailed and automated home search tools will impress your current clients and prospects too, allowing them to 'do it themselves' with their own personal Buying Buddy account in your website. Not only does this save you time but now you can work smarter by collaborating with them on their saved properties, searches and property alerts.

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A complete marketing solution for real estate agents

Transform Your Website

Integrate MLS search forms, property display and marketing, lead capture and lead & client management, all in your website, wherever it is hosted and whatever technology you use.
  • IDX Plugin for your website (any platform).
  • Simple and fast to get setup.
  • Seamless integration with your website pages and content.
  • Customize widgets to support your own branding.
  • Unlimited use of widgets all across your website.
  • Built-in lead capture.
  • Showcase your own active and sold / bought listings.
  • Customize function and content of widgets.
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Transform you real estate website

Lead Management

Buying Buddy lead management features let you focus on the most important tasks needed to close your leads, Automated messaging and nurturing looks after your longer term leads.
  • Lead management dashboard.
  • Provide immediate follow up
  • Get instant notification of new leads and lead activity.
  • Automated lead incubation with property alerts, drip campaigns, SMS and email.
  • Collaborate with leads on property alerts, saved searches and favorite properties.
  • Lead activity tracking.
  • Import leads from anywhere (e.g. Zillow and
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Real Estate Agent Marketing - Common Questions

The IDX shortcodes allow any properties from your MLS to be displayed on any of your web pages.

First, make sure that the Buying Buddy plug-in is installed, then use the wizard from your dashboard to define the properties to show. Then just copy and paste the generated shortcode onto your web page.

You can add multiple IDX widgets on a page and surround them with additional content to create exciting landing pages

To display your sold listings, add one of the display widgets to a page.

The default is to show your active listings. To show sold properties, edit the embed code to add a filter that specifies the listings to be shown. In this case, the filter requires two components: first, specify your agent_id, and second, specify listing_status as sold.

For example,Charlie Smith's agent ID is 123456, so the filter would be

This should be added to the widget shortcode (Gallery Display for exmple) like this:
<div id="MBBv3FeaturedGallery" filter="agent_id:123456+listing_status:sold"></div>
Or for WordPress, like this:
[mbb_widget="MBBv3FeaturedGallery" filter="agent_id:123456+listing_status:sold"]

Even if you have few, or no listings currently, you can still use Buying Buddy widgets to display any properties anywhere on your site.

Create amazing landing pages with photos, links, text and properties displayed using IDX widgets. Applying filters to a widget is the way to specify which properties to show. So even if you have few or no listings right now, using filters, it is possible to create meaningful displays of properties, for example "Show my listings but if I have none then show office listings."

Buying Buddy is a single solution that was created with IDX and CRM capabilities together. This means that all CRM functions such as lead management and follow-up, action plans and other sales and marketing automations, are all fully aware of and use property data. In particular, every client and leads activities on your website, property searches, property views and property interests are all tracked and part of the CRM for use in lead management, follow up and sales.