Offer top-performing website solutions to your real estate clients.

IDX Partner Program for Website Developers

Seamless integration to your custom website projects, with the premium personal support you expect.
Buying Buddy helps you to provide your clients with an IDX MLS-search solution in the website you create for them, with all content displayed on their domain.

Simple to add to your websites

Simple to Deploy

Fast and easy to add IDX widgets to your client websites.

Blend IDX with your own designs

Blends with your designs

Seamless integration with theme styles and even CSS control.

Agents will love your websites

Complete projects faster

Agents will love the websites you create.

Provide your clients with MLS Search & Properties, showing content that seamlessly embeds in their website pages.
Seamless and Flexible

If you are looking for a beautiful, seamless IDX solution with flexible embeddable components to blend with your real estate website creations and designs, then the Buying Buddy Developer Program can provide you with a great opportunity to offer more to your clients.

Sandbox to Production

Support for creating sites in your own sandbox. Widgets are live and ready on your new site when you go live. It's that easy, no re-coding or extra work!

Keeping things simple

The Buying Buddy IDX plugin makes it easy - there's no databases to connect to, no XML or complex integrations - and no need to worry about working with the MLS on behalf of your client!

We handle all aspects of the relationship with the MLS and we synchronize our database every hour with the MLS data. All you need to do is install our Plugin (e.g. JavaScript or WordPress) and then start adding html / shortcode snippets to show desired content and function!

Impress your clients

With Buying Buddy, the seamless integration of the widget components with fully accessible CSS means that you can place MLS searches, properties and lead-capture directly on your clients web pages. Showcase your design skills and really impress your clients.

Buying Buddy also includes a full CRM Lead Management system for Agents and Brokers to use, which will help them keep-in-touch, incubate and close leads.

Reseller Program Details

  • There is NO entry fee.
  • There are no setup fees payable to Buying Buddy.
  • We have strict processes for controlling how Buying Buddy widgets can go live, which will depend on IDX approval being supplied by your Client's MLS.
  • You or your clients submit order details to us.
  • We will automatically apply discounts if you are paying, or calculate commissions to you each month.
  • You will provide account setup, integration and customization services to your clients.
  • We provide support to your clients.
  • We provide technical support and training to you.


If you have a special case scenario - let us know!

  • You must demonstrate good skills with website design and CSS.
  • Buying Buddy must be packaged with your own website solutions - you cannot sell Buying Buddy on its own.
  • Once you submit a second account, you will qualify.

Discount Rates or Commissions

Developer wholesale rates attract a volume discount.
Discount rates apply only to Buying Buddy monthly (user) license fees and excludes all other fees collected for additional MLS fees and additional services (for example SMS or additional email services).

  • Your first 5 accounts @ 10%
  • From 6 to 20 accounts @ 20%
  • From 21 to 49 accounts @ 25%
  • 51 or more accounts @ 30%

Discount rates will be applied once you have 2 or more accounts and will apply to all your accounts from that point forward as long as you maintain at least two accounts.

Discount rates will be applied to your consolidated central billing, or can be paid as commission.

If you choose to receive commissions, payments will be made when your balance reaches $50 or more. You must submit appropriate TAX ID (W-9) before any payments can be made to you.

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Simple plugin - Embeddable widgets

Adding Buying Buddy plugin lets you add property search, advanced property displays and other functions to any page on the websites you create.
  • Supports all developer platforms.
  • Embed search, properties, maps, lead capture etc on pages using shortcodes ('<div>' for most CMS, or WordPress shortcodes).
  • Create or tailor Themes, or even modify CSS.
  • Create custom search forms.
  • library of more advanced custom search form methods and custom lead capture form methods.
Learn More
Buying Buddy IDX plugin works with website developer platforms

Style and Theme

Use themes to blend the presentation of IDX content seamlessly with your websites and your client's brand.
  • Select from our Theme library.
  • Or, create your own theme with our drag and drop Theme editor.
  • Full access to CSS.
See Demo
A partial screenshot of the Gallery Dsplay widget highlighting the theme and styling details

Support for Your Development Platform

Integrate MLS search, display properties for marketing and lead capture, with CRM for lead & client management, all in your website creations, whatever technology you use.
Screenshot of the featured gallery layout for showcasing properties
Or, call: 800.205.0317

Real Estate Website Developers - Common Questions

Yes. You can add IDX widgets to your staging site domain.

Create your clients websites on your staging domains. Once this is completed, simply change the domain. The new domain name will already be authorized for the client and all the IDX widgets and components, with any customizations, will continue to function. No other changes are required.

New partners receive phone support to ensure rapid onboarding. Once developers are experienced and set up, normal support is via our help desk. Development partners are identified on our help desk to ensure priority support. For urgent issues, we are always available via phone!

Account billing can be centralized on your accounts on request. Otherwise each client account will have separate billing.

The contracts and commitments we make to each MLS involve signatures from three parties, the mls, the agent, and us as the vendor recipient of the IDX data. Consequently, we are always part of the current IDX approval process that is also signed by the agent.

So, we are never an invisible third party. Additionally, our training and support materials currently exist only on our branded support website. For these reasons, we are unable to offer a white label solution.

However, we are highly respectful of, and will do everything we can to support the relationships you have with your customers. Centralised account billing can assist with this too.