Put your future sales pipeline on autopilot

Incubate & Nurture Real Estate Leads

Automate lead follow-up with appropriate and relevant keep-in-touch campaigns to develop loyalty to you and your site.

Property Alerts

Highest value. Highest open rates.


Drip and Bulk campaigns.


Give savvy leads the services they want.

Grow Your Future Sales

Grow your sales pipeline with property-based automated incubation.

Buying Buddy's CRM is based on a platform that uses property data from your MLS. Leads are constantly engaged with high-value property information that always brings them back to your website and you.

Buying Buddy CRM does all the hard work for you, by taking care of all your leads not looking to buy now, which allows you to spend time on hot leads that are ready to buy.

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Automate lead follow-up by using listing alerts, property alerts and drip campaigns.

New-Listing and Property Alerts

Automatically send leads new-listing and property alerts to develop loyalty to you and your site. Deep integration of the CRM with property information on your website means full visibility of the home search activities of all your leads and clients.
  • Lead can create new listing property alerts and manage in their portal.
  • Property alerts can be created automatically for leads.
  • Agents can create or modify property alerts.
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When you know what your leads are interested in, incubation and follow-up can be incredibly effective.
- The Magic of IDX

Drip Campaigns & Action Plans

Automated drip campaigns and action plans tailored for each lead, provide additional keep in touch options.
  • Combine sequences of emails, sms and tasks.
  • Use library of drip campaigns or create your own.
  • Attach multiple campaigns.
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Private Portal Creates Loyalty

Consumer home-search services portal lets your clients and prospects do things themselves.
  • Property alerts
  • Save properties
  • Track the market
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