Effortlessly work together

Real Estate Team IDX CRM Marketing Solution

Coordinate everyone on your team and move everyone forward together.

Lead Distribution

Get new leads quickly to the right agent.

Team Activity Tracking

Team dashboard helps you monitor team member follow-up and activities.


Fully involve your lead coordinators, lender partners and others.

Team Support

Buying Buddy helps share leads and notes, and coordinates tasks - easily - across all team members.
  • Maximize close rates with automation, accountability and coaching opportunities.
  • Bring accountability to your team with activity tracking, and sales forecasting all presented in your team dashboard.
  • Stay up to date on all your team's activities including emails, follow-ups, lead engagement, sales, and tasks.
  • Distribute leads immediately with Round Robin or Territory Rules.
  • Multiple roles for team members enables more sophisticated workflow allowing team members to easily collaborate on shared leads.
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CRM for real estate teams


Collaboration and Teamwork. Buying Buddy helps to automate even the most complicated and time consuming tasks
  • Multi-role lead assignment provides for controlled lead sharing.
  • Share leads with upto 4 multi-role team members including loan officers.
  • Use action plans to coordinate lead follow up and communications by team members: Agent, Assistant, Loan Officer, and others.
  • Coordinate workflow and action plans for improved communication and higher levels of lead engagement.
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Lead Routing

Maximize each lead opportunity by routing them sensibly and automatically. Save time, save confusion, save your leads from going elsewhere.
  • Multiple unique lead routing methods quickly distribute lead opportunities to your team.
  • Agent territory rules for natural routing of leads to most appropriate agent.
  • Round robin with timer options for simple lead distribution.
  • Concierge lead management and lead assignment for unassigned leads.
  • Or, allow leads to be assigned by referral code or website assignment rules.
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Create Consistent Team Processes

Define the business processes you want your team to use when working with leads.

A customized workflow prompts your lead managers, agents, and assistants to make calls using your scripts, send follow ups with pre-set messages, and collaborate with other team members.

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Team Management

Manage your team, help them achieve their goals, and encourage professional growth.
  • Team dashboard helps with coaching goals and early identification of issues.
  • Buying Buddy's unique sales forecasting feature gives projections on the pipeline, closings, and revenue by agent.
  • Communication and action audit trail provides transparency and accountability.
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