The easiest way to add portal-quality search, properties, maps and lead generation to WordPress

WordPress IDX Plugin with CRM Lead Management For Your Real Estate Website

Buying Buddy's WordPress IDX Plugin makes it easy to add MLS search, listings and lead capture to your website. Integrated IDX listing pages are native to your website and are indexable by search engines.

Simple To Install

Upload the plugin ZIP file.
Embed widget shortcodes.

Customize Widgets

Show MLS properties all over your Real Estate WordPress pages.

SEO Friendly

WordPress IDX plugin optimizes MLS listing page content for SEO.

Buying Buddy IDX WordPress plugin is now available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Give your WordPress website serious real estate Authority

Add IDX to your Real Estate WordPress website.

Adding the Buying Buddy IDX WordPress plugin integrates MLS search, property listings, lead capture, and other widget functions, all over your real estate website.

All the MLS IDX content shown by the widgets is presented on your website's domain, giving your site all the organic SEO benefits of MLS listings as an integrated part of your WordPress website.

Installing a typical WordPress plugin and then using familiar WordPress shortcodes makes it easy for anyone to add IDX widget components anywhere on pages and also on blog posts.

Buying Buddy's IDX plugin and shortcodes can be used with any WordPress website frameworks or themes, including DIVI, Elementor and Genesis and others.

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Discover how

Realtor using real estate website with IDX to attract buyers.
Quick Setup
Content on your pages
Map Searching
SEO Built-in
All MLS listing pages are native to your WordPress Real Estate Website domain. Buying Buddy creates organic and SEO friendly pages for you.

Create Your Real Estate Showcase

Use WordPress IDX shortcodes to display MLS search forms, listings, canned search-results, interactive map, capture forms and a lot more.
  • Add a quick-search or full-search to your pages.
  • Search with a radius or just close-by.
  • Interactive dynamic map search tool with polygon shape search is built-in.
  • Use various layouts such as a gallery / grid, a list view or a map to show properties.
  • Create hotsheet landing page widgets that will display any properties:
    • Your own listings, listings from your office, or listings from your team.
    • Any available listing status including for-sale / active, pending, sold, coming soon, and even rental.
    • Any MLS field such as areas like city, zip, county, or type / subtype of property or any other field.
    • Your private, off-market pocket listings can be added and displayed too.
  • Status banners highlight listings that are recently listed, have a reduced price, or have an open-house.
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Properties displayed in a grid layout embedded on a real estate website page.

Get a WordPress IDX Solution With SEO

Buying Buddy will integrate listing pages to your WordPress website domain. Page titles, keywords and metadata are automatically generated. This includes title-tags, meta-tags, og-tags and keywords.

Buying Buddy's server pre-rendering system has been in use since around 2010. Our technology makes listing pages search engine friendly. All the information on listing pages is integrated with your website.

Each listing page will be created with SEO-friendly titles, keywords and metadata. All MLS properties are given a unique long-tail URL addressed property details page.

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Title and meta tags being optimized for your SEO strategy.

How To Add IDX to WordPress

Buying Buddy's IDX plugin installs like any other plugin in your WordPress real estate website.
  1. Install the Buying Buddy WordPress plugin by uploading the Zip file.
  2. Paste the desired WordPress shortcode we provide to any pages to display a search, listings, or any Buying Buddy widgets.
  3. Embed your own extra content (media, more text, other useful links) around IDX widgets to finish the design of your WordPress pages!

IDX widgets are modular - so place them as needed, on all your pages. Buying Buddy Widgets are also mobile-responsive and container-responsive, so that you can add them seamlessly to any part of your WordPress page layout.

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Real Estate Agents adding the plugin in 3 steps.

More Properties Will Give You More Credibility

Adding more MLS properties to pages and blog posts in your WordPress website is simple with Buying Buddy's Widget Wizards.

Create widgets to display properties by using the wizard to create your niche displays, or widget components for hotsheet landing pages. Buying Buddy wizards will guide you to specify what you want to display, and will then give you the widget code to use.

First, decide the widget to use (map, list, gallery).
Then, use the search form to pick the MLS criteria to define the properties to show. The WordPress widget shortcode is shown for you to copy.

Then, paste to your WordPress webpage or blog pages to show your curated displays of properties.

Learn More
The Widget Wizard helps create IDX shortcodes to display properties.

Style and Theme

Use Buying Buddy Widget Themes to seamlessly blend IDX widget content with your chosen WordPress theme and your brand.
  • The library holds a large collection of Themes.
  • Or, create a Theme, using the Theme editor.
  • Or, if you wish, you can also edit CSS if needed.
See Demo
Property display styling options with Widget themes.

WordPress IDX Plugin - Common Questions

There are many ways to add IDX to your WordPress website but this is the simplest and fastest. Anyone that is comfortable adding content to WordPress can perform these steps.

  1. Install IDX plugin
  2. Add widget shortcodes to the "Search results" and "property details" pages
  3. Add an MLS IDX Search Form widget to any page

Follow the process described here to add IDX to your WordPress website theme in about 15 minutes.
See the demo now.

Prepare: Plan your WordPress website

Create a plan for how you want to use the MLS / IDX data in your website.
Think about how you can exploit the entire MLS for your own marketing benefit.
For example:

  • Do you want a property search form on the home page?
  • Will you use the MLS IDX data to highlight your own listings, knowledge and expertise?
  • Do you want to show your own listings that are active and sold?
  • Are you planning to have multiple landing pages to present different types of properties?
  • Do you want to capture leads?

See examples of how the WordPress IDX plugin can display listings and how other functions can look on your WordPress website.

1: Install IDX Plugin

Once your Buying Buddy account is set up, you will be able to download the plugin ZIP file.
In your WordPress admin area, go to "Add Plugin" and upload the ZIP file.

2: Add shortcodes to pages

Create two new pages in your WordPress website, one dedicated to showing search results, and the other for property details. On each page, add the WordPress shortcodes we give you to display the IDX widgets.

3: Add an MLS IDX Search Form to any page

To test your installation, add a Search Form shortcode that we provide, to any other page.
At this stage you have completed the initial setup, and you will be able to search and view properties.

See the short video that shows how this is done.

Do More

Review the initial plan you created and start to add MLS content all over your WordPress real estate website.
The Wizards in your Buying Buddy dashboard will generate the shortcodes you need to show properties in a grid, list or map, where ever you want.
See the full demo.

Absolutely not.

The Buying Buddy plugin communicates with our servers to get all listing data and process all inquiries and lead activity. Nothing is hosted on your WordPress site.

There are no databases needed on your WordPress site, and there is no user management.

No Iframes, no sub-domains

The Buying Buddy plugin interacts with WordPress to generate search engine friendly embedded content that is part of the page.
For example, every listing will have a unique URL on your domain.

Buying Buddy can be added as a plugin to any WordPress theme, and works with any theme and WordPress builder such as Elementor, DIVI etc.

Buying Buddy IDX Plugin for WordPress has a set of shortcodes that embeds MLS search, properties and other functions into your WordPress real estate pages, in and amongst your other content - all with the most up-to-date listings from your MLS.

The shortcodes can include additional filters that specify the properties you want to display, such as your sold properties, or listings in a certain market and so on.

The Buying Buddy dashboard has Wizards that generate these shortcodes and filters for you.
See the full demo.

Buying Buddy IDX components are added to a WordPress pages with traditional WordPress shortcodes (with square brackets). This means that the IDX widgets can be embedded into the existing content of your WordPress real estate pages.

Buying Buddy does not generate cookie-cutter page templates or page layouts. Embeddable WordPress IDX widgets allow a flexible, creative design of real estate landing pages with any other content, tailored for your own marketing.

As IDX widgets use WordPress shortcodes, MLS content can be added to any WordPress page types including blog posts. So, if you have a blog article about a neighborhood - add a Buying Buddy IDX widget to always display some of the latest properties for sale, or sold, in that neighborhood.

Every property from your MLS will have a unique landing page with it's own URL page address.

Each property's unique page address is generated automatically by the plugin. This address is based on the slug of the foundation page that is created as part of the installation process.

So, even through every property has an SEO optimized page with a unique URL, these are all generated using the common foundation page for "property details" (e.g. /listing-details).

Yes. If you can add a shortcode to a "post", "page" or "article" or widget area in WordPress then you can display properties.

We recommend using an SEO plugin with your WordPress real estate website, such as Yoast or AIOSEO.

On just the "property details" foundation page, the Buying Buddy Wordpress IDX plugin overrides the meta tags that the SEO plugins generate so that each property page has unique meta tags.

Your WordPress site editor will allow you to use all the capabilities of the Buying Buddy widgets. It's even possible to create your own unique search forms. Additional real estate marketing examples that you may like to consider include:

  • Adding a Featured Listings page to display your own listings
  • Showing your Sold properties
  • Creating neighborhood pages with properties for neighborhoods
  • Adding lead capture forms that send leads directly to the Buying Buddy Real Estate CRM
  • Adding a general contact form widget
  • and a lot more.

You can use Widget Themes to style widgets - or even add custom CSS too if you wish to.

See the full demo for more inspiration.

Or, call: 800.205.0317