Buying Buddy® IDX CRM

About Us

We have been helping Real Estate professionals with IDX based solutions since the very first version of Buying Buddy IDX with Lead management was developed by us and launched in 2003.

For most of the period between 2003 - 2013, we focused on supporting clients in and around the Denver and Colorado region. In 2013 we launched Version 2 of Buying Buddy.

2022 Launches Version 5

In 2022, we launched Version 5, which is the biggest update and investment we have made in our widget designs. Our commitment to backward compatibility means that our customer's investments in Buying Buddy was protected as they have all seamlessly upgraded to utilize the most up-to-date features of V5.

Buying Buddy has been continually developed and enhanced since its initial launch. Today we are able to easily integrate to any IDX Web API feed and go live in a matter of minutes, which is enabling us to meet demand for our integrated IDX CRM solution from Agents and Brokers across the USA.

Buying Buddy is based on the most up-to-date technologies for web applications design making it extremely flexible, fast to change and easy to scale.

Helping our clients achieve a return on investment is our primary goal.

Our real estate clients will testify to our core values:

  • Easy to use, practical solutions
  • Affordability and value
  • Customer service

Buying Buddy® is a trade name of Blue Fire Group Inc. We create innovative web-based marketing solutions for the Real Estate industry.

Helping real estate agents capture leads earlier