Buying Buddy IDX Plugin for PHP

PHP IDX Plugin Transforms Real Estate Websites

Buying Buddy's PHP IDX Plugin works with Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Skelton, Joomla and more. PHP class generates search engine friendly IDX components to any PHP website.

Fast and Easy to Install

Add plugin to your PHP site.
Copy & paste widget short codes.

Configurable Widgets

Display properties all over your PHP website.

SEO Friendly

PHP class adds SEO support.

Transform your PHP website

It's fast and easy to add search engine friendly IDX to your PHP website.

The Buying Buddy PHP IDX plugin integrates IDX search, property display and Lead Capture widgets, and other functions, in your PHP website. All content and SEO benefit is on your own PHP Real Estate Website, on your domain. Using easy-to-use short-codes you can add IDX Widgets directly into your PHP pages, widget areas and blog posts.

The Buying Buddy PHP class (optional) adds powerful SEO capabilities.

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Discover how

Real estate leads and prospects looking at real estate agents website.
Quick Setup
All on your website
Mapping Included
PHP Class for SEO
All content is in your own PHP Real Estate Website, on your domain - no FRAMES, IFRAMES, or subdomains.

Showcase Presentation

Use widget short codes to display search forms, property details, canned results, interactive mapping, login links and more.
  • Universal search bar for any page..
  • Search nearby / radius search..
  • Dynamic map-search built-in..
  • Present listings using a grid layout, carousels, lists or map..
  • Create listing / hotsheet pages for showing any properties by:
    • City, neighborhood, lifestyle, type of property or based on any MLS field..
    • Active, under-contract, sold or rental.
    • Listed by you, or your office, or team.
    • Pocket or private off-market listings..
  • Banners highlight open houses, just listed, price drop, coming-soon and more.
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Grid or Gallery display of MLS properties on a real estate web page.

PHP IDX Class for SEO

Buying Buddy uses proprietary technologies to load property data on your PHP website pages and domain (no frames or subdomains). When also using the optional PHP class, SEO optimized property data (title, meta, og and keyword tags) will be added to pages.

Server pre-rendering has been used by the Buying Buddy PHP class for over 10 years to ensure that listings and landing pages with properties are all seen as information integrated with your website domain by Google, Bing and other search engines.

Listing and property pages are created to be SEO friendly with meta, title, OG and other SEO tags. Individual property pages have unique long-tail URLs.

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IDX PHP class sets title and meta tags - all SEO optimized.

Install PHP IDX Plugin

Buying Buddy plugin installs directly into your PHP website.
  1. For PHP, install the Buying Buddy PHP plugin and also the PHP class (optional).
  2. Copy and paste desired short code snippets to your pages where you wish to display MLS listings, or other Buying Buddy widgets.
    Widgets are modular - so place them as needed, on all your pages.
  3. Surround the IDX widgets with your own content (neighborhood photos, text, links) to complete the design of your PHP pages.
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3-step installation process quickly adds Plugin to your real estate website.

Add the MLS to your website

Adding MLS properties, search and lead-capture widgets to your PHP website is made easy with Buying Buddy's Widget Wizards.

Customize widgets using the wizard, to create niche displays, searches, hotsheets or lead capture landing pages. Buying Buddy wizards help you specify exactly what you want to display, and generates the PHP widget short code for you to copy-and-paste to your web pages.

Simply paste to your PHP web page or blog to add property search, mapping and curated lists of properties.

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Widget Wizard steps helps you embed properties on web pages.

Style and Theme

Buying Buddy Widgets are mobile-responsive and container-responsive, so that you can add them seamlessly to any part of your PHP page layout.

Use themes to blend the presentation of IDX content seamlessly with your chosen PHP theme and your own brand.

  • Select from our Theme library.
  • Or, create your own theme with our drag and drop Theme editor.
  • Webmasters have full access to CSS if needed.
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Seamlessly blend embedded MLS widgets on a real estate website with customized themes.