Use easy shortcodes to embed IDX components. No coding required!

Fast and Easy IDX Real Estate Plugin and CRM Setup

Our plugin and shortcodes make Buying Buddy the fastest and easiest IDX system to setup.

15 minute setup

Guided installation to add plugin and widgets. Wizard helps you specify exactly what you want to display. Use the generated shortcodes and paste to your own web page or blog. Live in just a few minutes. How-To videos and easy-to-use Knowledge Base are backed up with our 24/7 help desk.

Start IDX Marketing

Initiate your marketing

Import your leads. Choose your notifications and alert settings. Connect to Zillow and Set your campaigns to active.

Extend and Customize

Use MLS properties all over your website and in your blog. It's easy to add lists, grid views, carousels, map displays and lead capture forms. Add more hot sheets and pages as needed. Refine your action plans. Import leads from facebook and other sources.

How to Set Up IDX Plugin

Buying Buddy plugin works on any website.
  1. For WordPress, install the Buying Buddy WordPress plugin.
    Or, copy the Buying Buddy JavaScript we provide and paste to your site.
  2. Copy and paste the IDX widget shortcodes to your webpages where you want to show MLS listings, or Search forms, or other Buying Buddy widget functions.
  3. Surround the widgets with your own content (neighborhood photos, text, links) to complete the design of your pages!

Buying Buddy widgets are modular, which means they can be added to any part of a webpage as needed, anywhere on all your pages.
Widgets are also mobile-responsive and container-responsive, so there is really no restriction on widget placement in your page layouts as they will adjust to fit the spaces provided.

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Setup process quickly adds IDX Plugin to your real estate website.

Adding the MLS to your website

Buying Buddy Wizard makes it easy to add MLS listings to your site.

Customize widgets using the wizard, to create niche displays, searches, hotsheets or lead capture landing pages. Buying Buddy wizards help you specify exactly what you want to display, and generates the widget shortcode (IDX HTML code) for you to copy-and-paste to your web pages.

Simply paste to your own web page or blog to add property search, mapping and curated lists of properties.

See Demo
Wizard steps help you get IDX shortcodes to embed and display properties on pages.

How to Style With Themes

Themes will help to blend the presentation of IDX content seamlessly with your own website and brand.
  • A library of Themes is available to choose from.
  • To customize, copy any theme then edit to create a custom theme.
  • CSS can also be adjusted too for advanced users.
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The options to customize Themes match colors and styles to your real estate site

Configuring lead capture

Choose how and when to set search, or view, limits that require registration.
  • Adjust as needed between hard- and soft- registration requirements.
  • Set limits on searches and property views.
  • Require or suggest sign up.
  • Social signup makes it fast and easy.
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Adjust the quality and volumne of real estate leads by using the various lead capture settings.

Adding Custom Forms

Create your own HTML forms for search and lead capture.
  • Create simple or stylized search forms.
  • Create lead capture forms for your own campaigns.
  • Get a quick start using samples from our library of custom forms.
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Custom lead capture for capturing real estate leads.

Get Technical Support

Our support center has bootcamps, guides, videos and documentation to help with the answers you are seeking

If you get stuck, the 24/7 help desk is standing by.

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IDX technical supports services to help you adding MLS search to your website.
Or, call: 800.205.0317