New Feature: ‘Round Robin’ Lead Assignment

Real Estate Lead Capture & IDX | Buying BuddyIn order to provide our users with a more efficient method of distributing incoming real estate leads, we are excited to unveil our new Round Robin Lead Distribution feature!

When a new lead registers in a Multi-User MBB account, they will typically choose the agent they are working with or be assigned to an Agent based on the Lead Assignment Rules.

However, if this does not occur, then the lead is considered to be ‘un-assigned’.

Previously you would be forced to manually assign the lead to a specific Agent in your account. The new Round Robin feature allows you to set the lead assignment rules so that the lead is automatically assigned to the next Agent in the round robin roster.

This is a great way to make sure that all Agents in your account have evenly distributed incoming real estate leads!

All users in the Rotation will be assigned a Lead before a new rotation starts. Users that have received a Lead in the current Rotation will be colored GREEN. Leads will be assigned to the next highest ranked user (ie highest in the list) that has NOT had a lead assigned to them during the current Rotation.

For multi-user Office accounts, the Round Robin system allows you to quickly add all Users in your account to the Round Robin rotation based on the permissions that they have. Click the appropriate links to see all the matching Users NOT currently included.

Click here to learn more about creating / managing the new Round Robin Lead Assignment feature.