New and Improved Notifications for Lead Activity

Did you notice the new lead alerts you have been receiving?

Alerts to you are now mobile responsive and include:

  1. Details about the lead’s inquiry
  2. Profile information about the lead and their home-search activity
  3. Clickable phone numbers links for quick calling
  4. Links back to your LAC account
  5. labels for new leads and existing leads

When the inquiry is a ‘request’ for information or assistance, a task is automatically created for you, too.

Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive information so that you feel confident about picking up the phone and engaging your lead or client.

We have also added more options for receiving notifications based on your leads’ activity.

These new options include:

  • All “new leads” treated in the same way
  • Several new notifications for Existing Lead activity, including “Send to friend”
  • Notifications can be sent by SMS, email, or both.