Dallas area home prices are seeing growth at a much faster rate than nationwide rates. In January, Dallas home prices saw a 9.8 percent increase in comparison to the start of 2015, while U.S. home prices were 6.9 percent higher in January.

The Dallas area is the number three on the list of major U.S. markets for home price gains, only being surpassed by Denver (11.8 percent) and San Francisco (11.6 percent) at numbers one and two.

Houston saw a 5.7 percent increase. Though still at an increase, it stands lower than the nationwide rate.

As the spring buying season is fast approaching, prices across the country continue to see an increase. This buying season is forecasted as being a good one due in part to low rates and a continued growth in jobs and income.

It has been forecasted that home prices will rise by approximately 5.5 percent this coming year across the nation as long as employment growth remains steady.