40 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Market Listings

40 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Market Listings

If you’re looking for a way to spread the word on a listing you have, we’ve got you…

We’ve compiled 40 easy ways to market your listing. With a little effort, the whole town will know about your real estate listing!

Try a few of these and let us know how it works for you.

1. Use Specialized Niche Landing Pages:

Did you know that you can use IDX to create individual niche landing pages on your real estate website? Examples include web pages for mountain view properties, lakefront properties, specific neighborhood properties, or properties in specific school districts, etc. 

These landing pages attract niche leads that bigger websites miss while driving up your SEO at the same time. Try picking out the defining attributes of your listings and highlighting them for niche markets. Show them off on niche landing pages to find the perfect buyer more quickly.

Bonus tip: Put a lead capture form on these pages to collect your leads’ information.

2. Create Squeeze Pages/Lead Capture Forms:

Squeeze pages contain forms that you can fill out on websites to get something in return. Every person on the internet has filled one out before. You may have signed up for a newsletter, a chance to win a vacation, an ebook, property alerts, or something else using one of these forms. A website will ask for your name and email in exchange for something you want. 

Most real estate agents don’t use squeeze pages and are missing out on collecting leads’ contact information. When you share your listings on your website, be sure to include a lead capture form.

3. Have a Clear Call-to-Action:

Showing off listings online is great, but if there are no calls-to-action or clear next steps for buyers, your marketing efforts will fall flat. Make sure to include information about what steps buyers need to take next. Usually this will be scheduling a showing, so make sure to include buttons and links to schedule a showing.

Bonus Tip: Display your contact information clearly on all of your listing materials. 

4. Start a Facebook Group:

Facebook is trying to rebrand itself with groups. Use this to your advantage by starting a group about moving to your area. Groups like “Moving to the Dallas Area” are a great place to connect with leads and advertise your listings.

5. Create Buyers Bootcamp Email Drip Campaigns: 

Email drip campaigns are a powerful tool. Create an evergreen buyers bootcamp email campaign with steps and advice on buying a home. Be sure to include your featured listings. Though it may take some initial effort to write 8-10 emails your email campaign, once the templates are written, you can use a service like MailChimp to run them on autopilot for years at a time.    

6. Single Property Websites: 

Individual property websites are a great marketing tactic for listing agents. Listing websites impress sellers and can help you win listings. They also help you sell listings faster by making your brand and contact information highly visible, online. 

7. Listing Videos:

Videos are the #1 way to attract leads online. Listings with video get over 400% more inquiries and video receives over 400% more engagement than any other medium of real estate marketing. Most agents avoid video because of the cost or their lack of editing skills. The good news is that services like Single Property Sites can automatically create listing videos and syndicates them for you… all for the price of a cup of coffee.

8. Curated Featured Listings Pages/Posts: 

Curating your favorite listings on a regular basis is a great way to connect with leads. Share your list on your website and on your social media accounts. 

Bonus Tip: Try running a Facebook/Instagram ad with your featured listings.

9. Give Tours of Exclusive Listings on Instagram:

People are curious to see what’s behind closed doors. One of the most successful real estate Instagram tactics is to use your phone to share highlights from exclusive listings.

10. Give Tours of Exclusive Listings on Snapchat:

As mentioned above, this is a proven social media tactic with high engagement.

11. Create Custom Sign Riders: 

Curbside marketing can be incredibly powerful. Custom sign riders can attach to any listing agent’s ‘for sale’ sign. These sign riders have lead capture tools built in via text messaging, QR codes, web addresses, or even 1-800 numbers. It’s an easy way to capture buyer leads. 

12. Use SEM Tools to Create Viral Listing Descriptions:

SEM (search engine marketing) tools can help you see what terms and keywords leads in your market are Googling the most. By crafting your marketing messages around the terms your leads search for most, you can make a greater impact, onl

A great example of this would be changing the language of your listing descriptions to match SEM keywords. For instance, in Colorado, “mountain view homes for sale colorado” is a highly ranked long-tail keyword. 

By changing the wording in my listing description from “You can see the gorgeous mountains from the backyard” to “This mountain view home in Colorado features….” I can drive up the amount of people that find my listing online.

Bonus Tip: tools like SEMRush allow you to use their free trial to start learning about what search terms leads in your market use the most. 

13. Offer a Market Report for Your Area with Featured Listings:

One of the biggest questions buyers and sellers have is, “When is the best time to move?” Help them take action by putting out a bi-annual market report. Make sure your featured listings are of full display.

14. Leverage Nextdoor

A Nextdoor advertising campaign can connect you directly with leads. Try advertising your listings using an ad campaign.

Bonus Tip: Always be transparent about the fact that you are a Realtor and use Nextdoor’s advertising features and guidelines. If you try to promote yourself outside of these guidelines, you may be banned.

15. Use Instagram/Facebook Stories:

Use Instagram and Facebook stories to show off your listing images and videos. Be sure to include a call-to-action to call/text for a showing.

Bonus Tip: Use the Q & A feature to answer some frequently asked questions about the property.

16. Use a Social Scheduling Tool :

Use a tool like Buffer to schedule and share all of your listings to social media. These scheduling tools save you hours of time each month.

17. Set up a Facebook/Instagram Campaign with a Mini-Experience:

To truly engage leads online, invite them to participate in an online experience like a virtual tour or neighborhood walkthrough. These types of campaigns receive far higher engagement than those with static images and text. 

18. Use Infographics:

40% of marketers say that infographics drive the most engagement of any form of online content. And, three days after viewing, people remember 65% of what they saw on an infographic versus only 10% of what they read. Try adding neighborhood infographics for your listings. Include walkscores, school district information, population data, etc. The best part is, you can recycle these infographics later. 

Bonus Tip: You can easily make real estate infographics in minutes, using this guide.

19. Use Remarketing Techniques:

Have you ever visited a company’s website and then, over the next week, their ads popped up in your email, on your social media accounts, and on other websites you visited? That’s called remarketing, or retargeting. Research shows it is incredibly effective and best of all, it’s incredibly cheap. You can retarget your listings to people who have seen your listing or visited your website using Google Ads.

20. Use Share Buttons: 

Make it easy for people to share your listings by adding social sharing buttons to your business website, blog, email campaigns, and video content. This type of tactic is designed to increase your web traffic and the amount of people that see your personalized branding and contact information.

21. Don’t Forget to Showcase Your Sold Properties:

Listing agents who want to position themselves as sales experts should create web pages that show off their sold properties. This can easily be done using an IDX plugin.

22. Drone Photography and Video:

Drone photography and videos are quickly becoming a hot marketing tool for listings. Many real estate agents mistakenly think this trend is just about attracting more buyers. The truth is, drones are more useful for attracting new seller clients. 83% of sellers prefer to work with real estate agents that use drone photography! It all goes back to sellers’ core desire to work with a Realtor that has a great marketing plan. 

23. Virtual Tours:

Did you know that real estate listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views? Homebuyers view virtual tours as their own, personal showings. Not only do they impress sellers, virtual tours also help you sell faster. 

Bonus Tip: You can check out our guide for choosing the best virtual tour service, here.

24. Floor Plans:

Did you know The NAR’s Real Estate in a Digital Age Report found that floor plans are one of the most helpful and important marketing features for buyers? They beat out even pricier listing features like virtual tours. Floor plans are often overlooked, but there are many free tools for creating them.

25. Neighborhood Tours / Real Estate Farming Videos:

Neighborhood tours or real estate farming videos are a great form of marketing to boost your listings. This kind of evergreen content can be used over again. 85% of both buyers and sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses video. Try developing video content that will allow buyers to experience what living in a specific neighborhood will feel like.  

Bonus Tip: Check out this example for inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M79NirPgd2M

26. Claim Your Listings on Portals:

Are you claiming your MLS listings when they are syndicated? One of the easiest opportunities to increase your marketing reach is by laying claim to what’s already yours. Make sure to connect your contact information with your listings on bigger listing portals.

27. Put Everything in One Place:

Make it easy for leads to connect with you and learn about your listings in one place. When your listing information, virtual tours, videos, and floor plans are all scattered on separate websites (YouTube, Matterport, etc.) buyers get overwhelmed. They get tired of clicking around, don’t see your information, and opt out. Make it easy for leads to contact you by putting all your listing marketing materials in one, simple place. 

Tools like Single Property Sites are designed to show your contact information prominently and share information like photo galleries, videos, virtual tours, drone content, floor plans, open house information, walk scores, and neighborhood information in one place.

28. Open Houses:

Even though there has been debate around open houses recently, many markets still swear by them. Most importantly, open houses are one of the best places to find new seller leads in your farm area.

29. Professional Photographs:

Photography can make or break your real estate marketing efforts. Just take a look at some of the greatest listing photography fails. Taking time to invest in a professional real estate photographer can increase your buyer leads immediately

Bonus Tip: Want to know how much you should be paying for a photographer? Check out our pricing guide.

30. Craigslist:

Craigslist is like the wild west of the internet, but there is still plenty of treasure to be found. After years online, Craigslist remains a proven place to generate real estate leads…if you know how. 

Bonus Tip: Avoid getting penalized for overposting. Only post photos of your listings (never of yourself), make your contact information clear, and create compelling descriptions that stand out. 

31. Featured Listing Ads on Facebook and Instagram:

Connect your listings with leads instantly using Facebook Business Manager. (Insert Image) Ads that show off your listings and link back to your business website are a great way to sell faster. Be sure to put a “schedule a showing” button on the listing webpage and display your contact information clearly.

Bonus Tip: When choosing your audience, consider using the town your listing is located in as well as 2-3 neighboring townships.

32. Printed Mailers:

High-quality listing mailers are still useful for your farm area and contact lists. Mailers can attract local buyers looking to upgrade, downsize, or help a friend move into their neighborhood. Better still, they also can attract new seller leads who will appreciate your marketing strategies. 

33. Curbside Flyers: 

Adding a flyer insert to your “for sale” signs can also help you sell faster. These easy, take home flyers should always have a clear call-to-action for scheduling a showing, your contact information, and a web address where they can learn more. 

34. Target Older Generations With Print Media:

If your inventory is primarily condos, single story townhomes, or +55 community properties, print media is worth your time. Even though newspaper sales have decreased in the past 15 years, readership of local newspapers and newsletters remains strong with older generations. 

Additionally, older generations continue to shy away from the internet. Lucky for you, the price of advertising in local papers has gone down as well. If you are looking to reach older buyers who need to downsize, the newspaper is the the #1 place to advertise. 

35. Canvas Local Stores and Coffee Shops:

This is another great way to market your listing without spending any money. Many local grocery stores, coffee shops, and libraries feature bulletin boards that are free to add to your listing information to. Just use one of your curbside listing flyers and be on your way.

36: Write Strong Listing Descriptions

Tightening up your MLS descriptions can help you sell faster. The NAR revealed that 85% of homebuyers found property descriptions to be one of the most important factors when searching online.

A few tips for creating fantastic descriptions include:

Using well-scored adjectives like “luxurious,” “captivating,” “updated,” “upgraded,” and “beautiful”

Using search terms buyers are likely to use to find listings. Homebuyers don’t care how websites sort their data, they are more likely to put precisely what they want into search engines. Words like “Cul-de-Sac,” “Lakefront,” “Ranch,” “Basketball,” “Inground Pool,” “Finished Basement,” “Bar,” and “Landscaping,” should be featured for appropriate listings.

Avoid negative descriptions. While honesty is important, avoid words like “fixer-upper,” “outdated,” “TLC,” and “handy-man special.” Instead, use softer descriptions like, “Ready for a new owner to leave their mark.”

37.  Crowdsource Listings Online

Why should a real estate agent do all the work of selling a home when social media users want to help? If an agent is already sharing their listing videos and photos on social media, this one is a no-brainer.

Simply tag the homeowners in the listing post on Facebook and Instagram. Their own social networks will help take care of the rest. By seeing a friend trying to sell their home, many users will share the listing on their own profiles to try and help. Its exposure for both the listing and the agent.

38. Google AdWords

If your inventory has a specific niche, Google AdWords may be able to help you sell listings faster and attract new seller leads, too. Google AdWords allows real estate agents to buy up certain keywords, so that their websites appear first in Google search results. 

For example, If you primarily sell mountain homes near Vail, CO, you could start AdWord campaigns for, “Houses for sale in Vail, CO”, “Colorado mountain homes for sale”, and “Vail, CO real estate.” 

The key is finding the common theme to the properties you sell. If you use keywords that are too generic like “homes for sale in colorado” then the Google AdWords pricing will be far more expensive, the competition will be steeper, and the amount of qualified buyer leads will be smaller. Using a specific city and property type (ranch, condo, etc) is a great way to get started. 

39. Network with Buyer Real Estate Agents

One of the quickest ways to sell faster is by networking with other agents. Some listing agents invite buyer agents to private walkthroughs for listings about to hit the market. Others will spread the word to real estate Facebook and LinkedIn groups, while others will email their list of contacts about their newest listings. No matter how it’s done, letting other agents know about your listings and what sets your listing apart is a great way to sell faster.

40. Virtual Staging

Make your listing photos and virtual tours even more powerful by adding virtual staging. If your listing is vacant or needs an instant makeover, virtual staging may be just the trick. After empty spaces are photographed, virtual staging software allows real estate agents to add professional quality furniture and decor to any space. Virtual Staging software like PadStyler allow real estate agents to transform listings, instantly.

Amazon Signals It Might Be Ready to Jump Into Real Estate Referral Services

Amazon Signals It Might Be Ready to Jump Into Real Estate Referral Services

If you blinked then you might have missed Amazon’s placeholder page for a new real estate referral services offering. It was up and then quickly removed last week. This move has agents and brokers who saw the page wondering what the end game is for the online giant, and while it might not be clear there is lots of speculation.

The page was listed among the other services offered to Amazon users under the “Home & Business Services” tab on their services page. Many view this move as a natural extension of their other service offerings like home inspectors, interior designers, and a multitude of home repair and installation specialists. However, others see it as a direct challenge to existing companies in this space like Zillow, Realtor.com and Redfin, and point to the fall of Zillow’s stock by 4% on July 12th as evidence.

From what we (the My Buying Buddy team) can tell, the real estate referral services offering would work like it does for other professional services. Agents, Realtors and brokers would pay Amazon referral fees.  Additionally, an unnamed source said that an upfront fee would be required to qualify and receive leads through Amazon’s professional services marketplace.

With the entrance of smart home tools, including Amazon’s Echo device, Amazon has not only extended services to its users through third parties but has also quietly entered the space itself. Many are comparing it to Best Buy’s “Geek Squad”.  It is speculated that Amazon’s move into real estate services could be a part of a broader push to create its own service-provider business.

The predictions and rumors swirl as Amazon “disrupts” yet another industry.  So do we all cue up the articles we used to reserve for Zillow? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Technology and online service provider marketplaces aren’t going anywhere, so this is not one more step towards “the end” but rather a continuation of the evolution of our industry.  Whichever way this news goes, and wherever your leads come from, we will be ready.  If you need help managing your leads now with a Real Estate ready IDX CRM, contact us.

Dallas Area Home Prices Still Increasing Ahead of National Rates

Dallas Area Home Prices Still Increasing Ahead of National Rates

Dallas area home prices are seeing growth at a much faster rate than nationwide rates. In January, Dallas home prices saw a 9.8 percent increase in comparison to the start of 2015, while U.S. home prices were 6.9 percent higher in January.

The Dallas area is the number three on the list of major U.S. markets for home price gains, only being surpassed by Denver (11.8 percent) and San Francisco (11.6 percent) at numbers one and two.

Houston saw a 5.7 percent increase. Though still at an increase, it stands lower than the nationwide rate.

As the spring buying season is fast approaching, prices across the country continue to see an increase. This buying season is forecasted as being a good one due in part to low rates and a continued growth in jobs and income.

It has been forecasted that home prices will rise by approximately 5.5 percent this coming year across the nation as long as employment growth remains steady.

How to make your listings stand out on your website using My Buying Buddy

If you are looking for new ways to make your listings stand out on your website, My Buying Buddy has the solution!

Whenever your listings are presented in the list of search results on your website, they will be shown with an enhanced presentation to make them stand out. This includes a bigger thumbnail image and a special heading too.

Also, in the Leads and Contacts system you have the option to upload any number of high resolution photos for your listings – to replace the small images that come from the MLS.

Then, whenever a buyer views the photo slideshow for a listing they will see the large high resolution images that you uploaded!


New Feature: Display Private Listings on Your Site

We’ve had many customers ask about the different ways they can showcase “private listings” on their website, and as a result we have created a new feature to allow you to do just that.

Introducing Private Listings! Now you can showcase any of your listings on your website which are not a part of the MLS for one reason or another.

How it Works:
By default our widgets will display your listings which exist in the MLS, based on your Agent ID. If you wish to display other properties on your website which do not exist in the MLS (like listings from another MLS or Sold listings), you would make use of our Custom Listings.

Add a New Custom (or Private) Listing:
To access, manage, and add custom listings, simply log in to the Leads and Contacts system, click on “Listings” in the top navigation menu, click “My Custom Listings” and follow these steps:

1. Click on the add new listing button.

2. Enter in details about this new listing. We have provided some fields where you can enter basic information about the property, such as price, address, description, etc. If you wish to add further features, you can create Labels and Values for those features at the bottom of this form. For example, Square Footage being a label and 2,400 being a value for that feature.

3. It is important to enter the address correctly. This will ensure we can correctly geocode/map the property in our system. If we have a problem geocoding the property address, you will be notified when you click the Add Listing button at the bottom of the form.

You can confirm the correct address of the property by searching for the address at http://maps.google.com. Google should return the correctly formatted address (Address, City, State and Zip Code)

4. You will be able to add photos for the listing once you click on the Add Listing button.

Add Custom (or Private) Listings to Your Site
Now your private listings should be set up in your account as custom listings. To add them to your website, you simply use a normal display widget (like the FeaturedList widget), and then simply add the filter (filter=”mls_id:custom”). Widgets and filters are set up by going to “Admin” in the top navigation of your Leads and Contacts admin dashboard, and clicking on “Widgets” in the drop down menu. Click here for more info on widgets.

Manage Photos for a New or Existing Custom Listings

1. After you add a listing you will be redirected to a page to manage photos for that listing. You can also add photos for an existing listing from the main “My Custom Listings” screen by clicking on the Manage Photos link.

2. Click Upload Photos. This will trigger our Java photo uploader plugin to run and you make be asked to install this plugin.

3. Select photos from your computer and click “Add” so that they are in the bottom pane ready to be uploaded. When you are done selecting photos, click on the Send button which will upload the selected photos and attach them to your property.

4. When you are done, you can click on Property Details at the top of this screen to see how your listing and photos will look like.

Delete a Listing

1. From the main My Custom Listings page, click on the Delete Listing link to the right of the listing row you want removed.


For any help on how to create and display Private Listings, please contact us.

New Feature: View Agents’ Listings in the Leads and Contacts System

My Buying Buddy IDX solutions and real estate lead captureWe have added a new piece of information to change the way that User Agent’s are displayed in the Leads and Contacts system.

For multi-user accounts the “List of Users” table now shows the number of listings for that individual user based on the association of listings with their MLS Agent ID.

In other words, a team leader can now view all of their Agents in a panel that shows “all users” in their account. We have added a column to this table that pulls data from the MLS in order to show the number of listings each individual Agent currently has.

Click here to check out some more new features!

Need on-demand help and support?
Click here and log in to the Leads and Contacts system

Digitally Enhanced Images now Live with Improved Slideshow

We are now digitally enhancing all images from the MLS to make them nearly double the size when presented in My Buying Buddy.

What this means is that for images we receive from the MLS – e.g from Denver Metrolist, we process them to enhance their size and quality so that when you view the property photos on your IDX Website they are BIG.

You can see a representative comparison in this picture below.

Or, for a live example, go to our demo site. View the details for a listing and click a photo to start the slideshow.

Alerts to You!

Each week (early Monday morning) you will be receiving an Alert and Report that summarizes your account and lead activity for the last week.

The purpose of this report is to give you a clear insight into whats going on with your leads and listings.

Never Lose a Listing

If you have the SPS service packaged up with your account, then you will see Menu links that allow you to jump to your SPS account to see all your listing sites, and also create a stand-alone single property site for a listing presentation.

Using the ‘Create SPS SIte for Listing Appointment’ link, you will be able to create a beautiful looking single property site for the seller. make sure you pick a great design and upload HUGE photos! You can then use this as part of your listing presentation and win the listing! Once you secure the contract, you can then use this site for the listing once its set up in the MLS! (no need to re-create a new site)