New Feature: Display Private Listings on Your Site

We’ve had many customers ask about the different ways they can showcase “private listings” on their website, and as a result we have created a new feature to allow you to do just that.

Introducing Private Listings! Now you can showcase any of your listings on your website which are not a part of the MLS for one reason or another.

How it Works:
By default our widgets will display your listings which exist in the MLS, based on your Agent ID. If you wish to display other properties on your website which do not exist in the MLS (like listings from another MLS or Sold listings), you would make use of our Custom Listings.

Add a New Custom (or Private) Listing:
To access, manage, and add custom listings, simply log in to the Leads and Contacts system, click on “Listings” in the top navigation menu, click “My Custom Listings” and follow these steps:

1. Click on the add new listing button.

2. Enter in details about this new listing. We have provided some fields where you can enter basic information about the property, such as price, address, description, etc. If you wish to add further features, you can create Labels and Values for those features at the bottom of this form. For example, Square Footage being a label and 2,400 being a value for that feature.

3. It is important to enter the address correctly. This will ensure we can correctly geocode/map the property in our system. If we have a problem geocoding the property address, you will be notified when you click the Add Listing button at the bottom of the form.

You can confirm the correct address of the property by searching for the address at Google should return the correctly formatted address (Address, City, State and Zip Code)

4. You will be able to add photos for the listing once you click on the Add Listing button.

Add Custom (or Private) Listings to Your Site
Now your private listings should be set up in your account as custom listings. To add them to your website, you simply use a normal display widget (like the FeaturedList widget), and then simply add the filter (filter=”mls_id:custom”). Widgets and filters are set up by going to “Admin” in the top navigation of your Leads and Contacts admin dashboard, and clicking on “Widgets” in the drop down menu. Click here for more info on widgets.

Manage Photos for a New or Existing Custom Listings

1. After you add a listing you will be redirected to a page to manage photos for that listing. You can also add photos for an existing listing from the main “My Custom Listings” screen by clicking on the Manage Photos link.

2. Click Upload Photos. This will trigger our Java photo uploader plugin to run and you make be asked to install this plugin.

3. Select photos from your computer and click “Add” so that they are in the bottom pane ready to be uploaded. When you are done selecting photos, click on the Send button which will upload the selected photos and attach them to your property.

4. When you are done, you can click on Property Details at the top of this screen to see how your listing and photos will look like.

Delete a Listing

1. From the main My Custom Listings page, click on the Delete Listing link to the right of the listing row you want removed.


For any help on how to create and display Private Listings, please contact us.