4 Ways a CRM Can Increase Quality Leads

When it comes to leads, it all comes down to conversions.

While a 5% conversion rate is considered a great conversion rate within the real estate industry, many industry professionals see numbers closer to 1%.

So the question then becomes, how do you reduce lousy leads and increase quality ones? A quality CRM may be the answer.

According to a statistic from Annuitas, those business that nurture prospects through the use of marketing automation experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

When using a quality CRM, one of the benefits is that you can optimize your leads

Here are 4 ways a CRM can effectively increase your quality leads to assist in conversion rates:

#1: Response Time
A quick turnaround in your response time (under an hour), can help further contact with prospects by 7 times. By automating your leads, you can send an initial response automatically to help increase conversion.

#2: Follow-up
CRMs can automate emails, and keep leads organized with easy-to-use filters based on location, demographics, and more. This will allow you to stay consistent and remain on your prospects radar.

#3: Targeting the Market
A CRM manages leads so that you can update information instantly across the platform. It provides an easy way to see what clients and leads need, making conversions effortless.

#4: Integration
Using a CRM/IDX integration or social media integration can be a very effective way to improve lead generation.

A CRM system can automatically pull all sorts of information on a new lead for you, including full names, contact info, pictures, and more, offering you a solid lead with increased insight. And with IDX integration you can see exactly what type of properties leads are looking for, including price range, geographical area, and property style.

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