Do You Know How to Use Marketing and Sales Technology to Gain an Edge in Customer Service?

Using marketing and sales technology to gain an edge in customer service has become the gold standard, but do you know where to start? The information you gather to support your customer service efforts is directly pulled from your marketing intelligence. The way you manage your sales and marketing machine says everything about the way you do business and take care of clients.

As we entered the twenty first century, it became clear that technology was going to become a central part of business as well as our everyday life. With the advent of the smartphone and tablet, the “always on” lifestyle has truly taken root. And, while we cannot personally be there to answer clients’ and leads’ questions, provide information and collect data every moment, we do have the tools that can. These tools will help your organization stay connected, provide better customer service, reach customers you may have previously missed (including tech-savvy millennials) and help you gain a competitive edge over your competition.

Using the right technology will help you and your company better understand your market segment, capture lead information, and keep prospects and clients engaged them through the entire buying process. Tools like Buying Buddy IDX CRM enable you to gather all the data you need to provide the buying experience clients expect from today’s real estate professionals. This data can help you come alongside your client and to give them the best customer service from the moment they enter your website, begin their home search process, and ultimately become a client.

The real estate industry has always had to keep up with technology, but as more and more products enter the marketplace, it is important to evaluate each one and determine which ones will provide you with the greatest benefits, and help you to gain an edge in customer service. Professionals must go above and beyond to reach customers with traditional methods, find ways to put a new twist on time-tested approaches, and reach out in new ways.

An article in the September 2016 issue of Real Estate Magazine highlights how brokers nationwide have taken the tried and true store front listing approach up ten notches with the use of backlit LED window display panels. In the same way, you can take your customer service to that next level by utilizing new marketing and sales technology to better understand your audience and meet your need for multigenerational marketing. Good agents and brokerages have the traditional methods down to a science, but now is the time to utilize new technology including CRM-based systems alongside those methods.

“Now is the time to utilize new technology including CRM-based systems alongside traditional methods.”

In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, you must make your marketing a showpiece not only through your brick and mortar storefront but also through your online presence. If you are ready to take the next step and “up” your competitive edge, or even if you’re not ready but know you need to, contact us and let us show you how the right tools can be implemented easily with little to no learning curve.