Is Your CRM Like A Unused Gym Membership, Not Completely Leveraged?

Ok gym buffs, that analogy might not resonate with you. But, many will understand the comparison. We buy things or sign up for things and have the best intentions to use them, but then for, whatever reason, we don’t follow through. Your customer relationship management solution (CRM), like an unused gym membership, will not yield results. So how can you best leverage your IDX CRM to get results?

Embrace Your IDX CRM

First, you and your team have to embrace the purpose of a CRM. It is not just a database. It does exactly what its name says, and because real estate is a business of relationships, it should be viewed as a tool that will help you manage your customer relationships. A real estate specific IDX CRM, like Buying Buddy, goes a step further.  An industry specific CRM is designed for Realtors and brokers and is specifically made to help you build the best and strongest relationship you can (make sure your CRM IDX feed is SSL secure).

Next, do your due diligence to ensure you have the best IDX CRM. The best CRM is the one that will meet your needs now and will scale to meet your needs in the future. Most solutions aren’t perfect right out of the box, so be sure it has some flexibility and can be tweaked with customization. The best CRM is also the one that your team will actually use. If there is too much of a learning curve or there is too much back and forth between systems, then it might not be the one for you. Enthusiastic adoption is everything.

Now for the most important part – building your leads and contacts and cultivating those relationships. By leveraging your IDX CRM to engage clients you will find that you are able to manage your time more efficiently. You will also free yourself up to do more networking, work on your marketing, or get involved in other activities that lead to more contacts and referrals.

Finally, a good CRM should help you track your results, and provide team managers with specific insight into team and individual performance. A recent study by Harvard Business Review found an 18% difference in revenue growth between companies with a formalized sales process and those who don’t a process. For real estate that means, brokers and agents that have a formalized sales process tracked through an IDX CRM will drive their business more effectively and have an increased ability to grow their revenue.

Take your 10,000 Foot View to Ground Level

This is a bird’s eye view of how to leverage an IDX CRM.  You don’t have to get the most expensive CRM like a Boomtown or Commissions Inc. That might be the right fit for some, but don’t get caught-up in the hype of tools and services you don’t need.  Determine what your real life looks like, and contact us to learn how a powerful and robust SSL secure real estate IDX CRM solution can help you increase your revenue.