Make Your Real Estate Business More Predictable

Buying Buddy Real Estate CRM with IDX: How to Get Rid of Feast and Famine Cycles and Create a Predictable Real Estate Business 

The biggest hardship in the real estate industry is dealing with the unpredictable ups and downs that come with the job. One minute an agent is flooded with business opportunities, then the next minute there’s nothing on their plate. Real estate is a real roller coaster ride!

Mary’s Story

Mary fell in love with real estate when she and her husband purchased their first home. She dreamed of leaving her administrative job to help people find their perfect home, and to create a thriving career for herself. A few years later, Mary took steps to follow her dream by signing up for a prep class and then passing her exam on the first try.

Buying Buddy was designed for people like Mary: real estate agents looking to eliminate ups and downs, and make their sales more predictable.

Excited to start with a boutique real estate brokerage, she threw herself into work. But after three years, she found herself exhausted and stressed. Mary spent most of her time feeling like she was treading water, caught in a constant cycle of feast and famine. Real estate sales would be great for a little while until her buyers and sellers dried up for the next few months. The same thing would happen over and over again. On top of it all, Mary was working 70 hour weeks and struggling to maintain her personal life – this wasn’t the career she had dreamed of so long ago. 

Buying Buddy was designed for people like Mary: real estate agents looking to eliminate ups and downs and make their sales more predictable. With our combined real estate CRM and IDX tool, agents can climb out of feast and famine cycles and reclaim their personal lives. Our all-in-one solution helps agents to attract and retain more leads, automatically nurture and grow relationships over the long term, and to convert these opportunities into sales. 

How can a real estate CRM with IDX smooth out those bumps on this roller coaster ride and make a real estate agents’ business more predictable? That’s the secret behind Buying Buddy.

The Secret of a Real Estate CRM

Buying Buddy understands that agents have limited time for sales and marketing. Their focus will always be on the closings that are happening right now.

Unless agents are working with their own marketing department, the nurturing of leads to create future business is put on hold. Typically, they focus on the immediate issue of closing a deal and earning commission.

When balancing all the tasks an agent has to perform, today’s opportunities will always get the most attention. Future opportunities will then be left on the back burner.

Buying Buddy Solves This Problem

The secret of Buying Buddy is that it helps agents with this balancing act. 

Buying Buddy is designed to engage with an agent’s existing clients and prospects as well as long term future leads, all in one place. 

With Buying Buddy, you will automatically develop and nurture long term leads. This can help to build relationships until leads and prospects are ready to convert. 

Buying Buddy is different. Unlike other real estate CRM systems, Buying Buddy incorporates properties and home search services. This incorporation helps agents attract, capture and incubate all their leads much earlier in the leads buying process, long before other agents even get a chance. While other CRM systems may be helping agents with a follow-up plan for today’s business, Buying Buddy is automating follow-up and building a consistent long-term future sales pipeline that agents can rely upon.

How Buying Buddy Makes Real Estate More Predictable

Buying Buddy incubates real estate leads and prospects over the medium and long-term. It does this by targeting each lead with meaningful property information, all in the context of the leads’ individual property interests.

The integration of properties with the CRM means that Buying Buddy’s tools can more effectively nurture all the agents’ prospects and leads until they are ready to convert, in ways that other real estate CRMs can’t.

Our combination of relevant property-based communication builds relationships. This, along with the ability to capture leads earlier with high-value home search services, grows a loyal and fully-engaged prospect base, essentially blocking competition. 

A fully engaged prospect base is the agents’ portfolio of future business opportunities. It is the most valuable asset they have – it is their future sales pipeline. Buying Buddy’s CRM integration with IDX and MLS data means that these future business opportunities can be automatically nurtured until they convert. This eliminates feast and famine cycles and makes future business and income more predictable and consistent, allowing agents to relax and get back valuable time.

How does Buying Buddy work?

No matter where leads or inquiries come from, whether it is from an agent’s sphere, farm area, list of past clients, or even new leads, Buying Buddy gives agents the tools they need to capture, incubate, and convert those leads into sales. This is because of our unique real estate CRM solution that is combined with IDX.

You see, the magic of IDX emerges when it’s combined with a CRM. IDX is not just about ‘search’. IDX is your entire local MLS. And when the MLS database is deeply integrated with a CRM, this is the cornerstone for creating a sales pipeline of leads for short, medium and long term business that other real estate agents can’t pick off.

As we know, the process of researching to buy or sell a property can stretch out for months or years before the actual transaction. At such an early stage, although agents might receive these initial research inquiries (leads) from their website, or other sources such as Zillow or, the agents’ focus will naturally be elsewhere. Instead, they’ll be taking care of the clients and prospects that are looking to buy now. Regardless of where leads come from, agents have a perfect opportunity to capture these leads. Then they can add them to their CRM in Buying Buddy many months or years before a closing occurs. 

Contextual Marketing with a Real Estate CRM with IDX

Most real estate agents only send their leads traditional, generic emails and texts using CRM systems that don’t include properties. A real estate CRM that is integrated with IDX can send these traditional messages, too. But, when combined with IDX there is a secret superpower: contextual marketing and predictable sales. 

Every communication, email or property alert that is sent includes relevant property information that is always bringing those future clients back, over and over again.

A real estate CRM combined with IDX provides insights to each leads’ property interests and home search activity. That means it can send properties and customized listing alerts to prospects that they actually look forward to receiving! 

Using Properties in Contextual Marketing

Because leads are being sent relevant properties that pique their actual interests (long or short term), these messages are perceived as high value by the recipients. 

Contextual communications not only ensure that messages are opened, but importantly, they encourage more clicks to view a property.

Every communication, email or property alert that is sent includes relevant property information. That means that when they engage, future clients come back time and again to their Client Portal in the real estate agents’ website (not to Zillow or any other site).

This flow ensures that prospects constantly see the agent’s own branding and contact information. This works to constantly re-enforce loyalty to the agent, developing the relationship further. Buying Buddy can automatically provide every lead with tailored property alerts, market reports and other property updates throughout the leads’ extended research period, perhaps for several years. 

Why Contextual Marketing Works

Buying Buddy sends prospects relevant properties (courtesy of IDX) that they actually want to see, building and adding value to the relationship between prospects and the real estate agent.

A “value-based” service given to a consumer fosters loyalty to the real estate agent, blocks competition, converts prospects to clients, and generates sales. A virtuous marketing cycle is then created, based on loyalty to value and services, and other agents are unable to snatch leads away. 

If agents only have a traditional CRM, then the opportunity to deliver engaging, long-term dialogue is limited to drip emails. But, integrating IDX with CRM will give agents a distinct advantage as messages will be perceived as relevant and useful – and won’t be ignored!

Long-term communication only works if the recipient sees value in the content being received. Buying Buddy’s unique approach of combining IDX and CRM solves this problem and helps create a significant sales pipeline – automatically.

Get a Financial Advantage With a Real Estate CRM and IDX

A CRM that is integrated with the MLS (i.e. IDX) can provide insights into every aspect of a lead’s home search activity. This includes information about specific property searches, favorited properties, last time online, viewing activities and interests, email open rates, etc.

General CRMs provide vague reports on whether or not marketing emails have been opened, which is only one data point of many to consider.

But with a CRM integrated with IDX, the insights go right to the heart of the prospect’s real estate needs. Not just data about what emails have been opened, but also about what properties have been looked at (and how many times). This, along with all the other property search criteria information, such as ‘city’ and ‘price range’ or even ‘master bedroom on main floor’, define the specific property interests of every lead. 

Why a Real Estate CRM Integrated With IDX Can Give Insight

When everything is viewed in the context of a lead’s ultimate desire to buy or sell property, this insightful data can pinpoint their exact needs. In turn, this allows agents to neatly segment their sales and marketing strategy to fit those specifications.  

An agent’s follow up sales call can be fine-tuned to be timely and highly specific, resulting in a much higher close rate.

Agents using other CRMs don’t stand a chance. 

When IDX is connected to a CRM, agents can see a real financial advantage. Automated follow up and long term lead nurturing is now highly-relevant and more engaging. And, with a deeper understanding of a leads’ property interests, sales calls are now easier and more effective.

Inject Predictability Into Your Real Estate Business

There’s no end to the marketing possibilities available when using a real estate CRM with IDX marketing strategy for real estate, especially when agents take advantage of the insights and opportunities that Buying Buddy can provide. 

Say goodbye to the roller coaster ride of grasping for leads the moment the next famine cycle begins. And say hello to the future with Buying Buddy, where agents experience the smooth-sailing of a predictable business cycle from lead to conversion. 

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