New Features: New Search Forms, Search Controls and Fields

We are announcing a new Search Form that shows the Consumer not only the basic search fields, but also gives them complete visibility of all available MLS search fields.

The new search form completely replaces the current Search Form that you will see on your Search page. All client accounts have been updated.

The new form uses TABS to help the consumer find the search fields they are interested in. They will be prompted to create an account or LOGIN in order to use the search fields in the additional tabs.

Advanced Searching Now Available without Registration

We have enhanced the option that limits the number of searches a consumer can perform before having to register. You now have the flexibility to apply this to either the BASIC search or the ADVANCED search form fields.

In either case, if the limit is reached, then the consumer will no longer be able to search and will be asked to Register.

This allows you to provide consumers with a very powerful search system, which will keep them on your site.

If you wish to take advantage of this, you will need to change this setting in your account.
Log in to your LAC account. Go to the ADMIN men and choose EDIT ACCOUNT INFO. Select the Settings Tab to review and change these options.

Total Square Feet Added to Search Forms

We have now added TOTAL SQUARE FT to the search forms if this is supported by your MLS.

In the DENVER Metrolist for example, the search form now allows for ‘Square Ft” and also “Total Sq Ft”

For an explanation of Denver Metrolist search by Square Ft click here.