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Trouble Finding a Joomla IDX Plugin for Your Website?

Finding a Joomla IDX plugin can be tricky.  For example, Florida MLS (MFRMLS) just updated their free IDX solution for their members, but it no longer works with Joomla. So, are real estate agents with Joomla out of luck? No, a Joomla IDX plugin like the one from Buying Buddy (MBB) works with Joomla, WordPress, Squarespace, and more. IDX Joomla Standard Library of

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Building Relationships in Real Estate to Overcome the “No”

Hearing the dreaded word “no” can be discouraging, especially for newer Realtors® and real estate agents.  However, attempting to overcome buyer objections with rapid-fire “come backs” will only breakdown rapport and hurt the relationship.  By providing buyers with helpful information that addresses their concerns you will be able to nurture the relationship, move it forward, and overcome the “no”. People

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Are You Willing to Pay Online Gatekeepers for Real Estate Leads?

According to a recent report from Zillow, most people still find their agent through referral, but that trend is rapidly changing.  With the continued growth of a digital world, more and more people are finding Agents through online referral resources like Zillow, realtor.com and the like.  What is your plan to stay relevant, be found and grow your business through

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Real Estate Niche Marketing- Taking it From Theory to Reality

Taking real estate niche marketing from theory to reality requires a plan. Realtors® that make a plan and set it in motion are far more likely to find success than those who perform marketing activities in a one-off fashion. Hoping things will fall into place is not a marketing strategy. I have a fortune cookie paper taped to my desk. It says,

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Agents and Brokers Who Enhance Their Skill Set with Technology Go Further

Don’t just give technology a handshake, embrace it because it is not going anywhere. The fear of new technology and industry disruptors among agents is real, but if you face that fear, you will find there is actually nothing to be afraid of. Beyond that, you will come to learn ways to provide an exceptional experience for your customers and set

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