Should You Consider Adding Haunted House Hunters to Your Niche Marketing Plan?

A recent article from® reveals a niche market Agents and Realtors® might not have considered yet; haunted house hunters.  It is that time of year when all the ghosts and goblins come out on the streets in search of candy.  However, there are some houses that have ghosts hanging out year round.  Believe it or not, there is an actual market for these houses.

Haunted house Buyers are a real niche market

In a recent blog on “Niche Marketing- Taking it From Theory to Reality” we identified some types of Buyers to include as specific interests like distressed properties, fixer-uppers and FSBOs.  Also included were life stages like married, single, empty nesters and so on.  A third type of Buyer can be identified by house specific identifiers.  For example, eco-friendly, walkable neighborhoods and urban farming homes.  However according to the new report from and others, between 33% and 58% of Buyers said they wouldn’t mind living with a ghost.

This time of year it is fun to talk about this kind of thing, but in reality, it is an actual business avenue for Agents and Realtors.   For Agents that have a “special history” surrounding their listing, it is something to consider.  It should also encourage you to never dismiss a listing just because it is said to be “haunted”.  It could be an opportunity to get into a new niche and help a struggling Buyer or Seller.

A stigmatized property, a property that someone has died in or is haunted, could be a way for a Buyer to get into a neighborhood they might otherwise not be able to.  It could also be a way for them to get a larger home or property or possibly use it as a tool to negotiate a lower price.  On the other hand, the same survey revealed that some people would like to live in a haunted house with 8% saying they would not require any special perks to buy the home.

Use your IDX CRM to manage all Buyers, including haunted house hunters

So, there you have it.  Go out and create your drip campaigns for those haunted house hunters.  Be sure that you manage them in the same way you do your other Buyers and Sellers by using your Real Estate Specific IDX CRM system. If you would like more information on how you can use an industry-specific IDX CRM to market to haunted house Buyers or any other type of niche buyer, contact us.