NEW FEATURE: Require registration after a number of searches

It is now possible to limit the number of searches a consumer can perform before they have to sign up. The purpose of this feature is to increase the rate of lead capture.
This feature is now LIVE on all accounts and the default setting has been set to 5.

Once the consumer hits the limit, a POP UP shows a message saying they need to create an account, and the next thing they will see is the REGISTRATION form.

The number of searches can be set from Unlimited, or from 1 to 19.

This setting is set in your LAC account. Go to ADMIN and then EDIT ACCOUNT INFO.

You will see a section on that page that allows you to adjust this setting.

One Reply to “NEW FEATURE: Require registration after a number of searches”

  • Dana Brown

    Thank you, Paul and Team! If searchers like what they can find in a My Buying Buddy search, they should be our clients!