What is Lead Capture

If you’re reading this, then you either have no idea what lead capture is or you’ve spent time looking into what it is and are still confused as to what lead capture really is. Whether you are a real estate agent or a loan officer, you are probably doing some sort of marketing for your business. Lead capture is important in marketing in order to track all of your prospects. So what is lead capture?

Lead capture can also be known as a landing page or a “lander.” It is a single web page that appears after you have clicked on an advertisement or a search result. You will most likely get to a lead capture from a social media site or email campaign.

What is on the web page is typically an extension to what led you to click on the link to begin with, whether it is for a sale, more information on a product or service, etc. The two types of landing pages are reference page and transactional page. A reference page provides information while a transactional page is used to sell something.

A lead capture page is meant to turn visitors into sales leads. You will use a lead capture system to collect people’s contact information. Once you have this contact information you are able to make direct contact in order to keep that customer interested in what you are trying to sell them.

By creating an excellent lead capture page and starting your lead capture system, you are going to generate more leads and be able to keep in contact with every new lead that comes your way. There are many different lead capture systems and by finding the one that works best for you will help you to capture all of your leads and stay in contact with them.