75 Easy Real Estate Blog Ideas

A real estate blog is a great way to drive up SEO, position real estate agents as local experts, and to make connections with new leads. But one of the biggest challenges is figuring out what to write about. Kick writer’s block to the curb with these 75 easy real estate blog ideas:

  1. Compile a curated list of top real estate listings of the month
  2. Write an article about the pros and cons of renting versus buying
  3. Create a checklist for first-time homebuyers
  4. Create a step-by-step checklist list for purchasing/closing on a home
  5. Create a list of tips for buying a new build and some pitfalls to avoid
  6. Create a list of some of the best home inspectors in your area
  7. Make a list of some of the craziest/unique properties that have sold in your market
  8. Make a VLOG walkthrough of a luxury property in your market
  9. Make a definitive guide to all of the educational options in your market (public, private, and charter schools)
  10. Make a list of house hunting tips for your market
  11. Make a list comparing shopping for homes online versus in person
  12. Write an article on the emotional stages of buying a home
  13. Write an article on the emotional stages of selling a home
  14. Create a list of the top industries/employers in your market and include job hunting links/tips
  15. Do a Q&A with the questions you are most frequently asked as a Realtor
  16. Make a checklist of how to improve your credit when applying for a home loan
  17. Make an article about the best times of the year to buy in your market
  18. Create a tip sheet for moving with pets
  19. Create a tip sheet for preparing kids for a move
  20. Write an article on home improvements with the greatest ROI
  21. Write an article detailing what exactly a real estate agent does on behalf of buyers/sellers
  22. Create a home staging guide for sellers
  23. Compile a list of red flags when looking at homes in your market
  24. Highlight a specific neighborhood in your market including schools, industry, recreation, etc.
  25. Create a home inspection guide for buyers
  26. Compile a list of things NOT to do when buying a home
  27. Write an article about where you see the future of the real estate industry heading
  28. Write an article about how you became a real estate agent (this can also be used to help beef up your bio section)
  29. Write an article about buying a specific type of niche property in your market (i.e. waterfront, cabins, farmland, etc.)
  30. Write an article highlighting the best types of properties for a specific type of lead (i.e. the best type of properties for young families in your market or the best neighborhoods for millennials in your market)
  31. Do a VLOG virtual walkthrough of a neighborhood using your cell phone.
  32. Write an article about how to tell if you are/are not ready to buy
  33. Write an article about how to get your home to sell faster (price reasonably, use an agent, staging, etc.)
  34. Explain the value of having a real estate agent
  35. Create a how-to guide for purchasing land in your market
  36. Interview a mortgage broker about how to get the best loan possible
  37. Share a local market update
  38. Write an article featuring the house that sold the fastest in your market in the past year and the listing that has been on the market the longest. Compare and contrast what made one sell quickly, and why the other isn’t selling.
  39. Do a vlog for each listing you have on the market (listing agents)
  40. Write a “secret tips” article about getting deals on real estate
  41. Write an article on how to select Airbnb/rental properties in your market for real estate investors
  42. Make a guide about the pros and cons of buying a foreclosure
  43. Compile a list of the worst listings you have come across in your market
  44. Do a vlog explaining the process of selling a home
  45. Do a vlog explaining the process of buying a home
  46. Make of list of open houses this week
  47. Make a list of all the neighborhoods with amazing holiday displays
  48. Make a calendar and an article featuring all of the local festivals/events that happen annually in your market
  49. Create a vlog featuring one your past clients about how you helped them find or sell their home
  50. Do a monthly update of your favorite active listings
  51. Create a list of your favorite neighborhoods for niche markets like 55+
  52. Compile a list of the best local contractors for building homes on land purchases
  53. Interview a local contractor and explain the process of purchasing land and building in your market
  54. Write about how to get the best resale value on a seller’s home
  55. Share an updating blog about the step-by-step process of helping one of your clients buy or sell their home. Share on social as well.
  56. Compile a list of the best ways to market a home; include examples of things you do to market homes (Matterport, Single Property Sites, listing videos, curbside, etc.)
  57. Share a hyperlocal list of your favorite places to eat, drink, etc. and do it town by town.
  58. Do a profile on a neighborhood/subdivision including year built, popular models, home styles, strengths of the neighborhood, demographics, etc.
  59. Make an investors article about the neighborhoods that are set to have the greatest investment roi in the coming years.
  60. Write an article on a neighborhood that is headed for gentrification, discuss why it is changing, and why it is a good time to buy into that area.
  61. Write an article about the best way to plan a move across the country
  62. Write an article about the best movers in your area
  63. Interview a local mover about the best tips for keeping possessions safe, secure, and well-packed during a move.
  64. Create a VLOG about showing off the differences between shopping online for a home and how it stacks up to shopping in person. Select a listing that may be deceptive online and compare it to a real walkthrough.
  65. Write an article about the top issues to look out for with homes in your area (i.e. flooding, poor clay/soil, mold, radon, etc.)
  66. Write an article about how to tell if you are financially ready to buy a home
  67. Write an article about how to tell if you are financially ready to sell your home
  68. Write about selling options during foreclosure in your market
  69. Interview a contractor about renovations and flipping
  70. Compile a list of top contractors for renovations
  71. Write a pros and cons list of buying an older home versus a newer home in your market
  72. Make a list of the best historic listings on the market
  73. Write an article about the history of your market
  74. Write an article about the best value-adding changes you can make to the exterior/yard of a home
  75. Make a list of the best real estate lawyers in your market

Real Estate Blog Ideas

The best real estate blog ideas are easy to write and drive up SEO. But most importantly, they should help leads. These articles are often compiled in list format, like how-to guides or feature reviews, and should not take very long to create. Each article should help leads feel a little more confident and knowledgeable about buying/selling in your market. Best of all, they can be the first point of connection between you and future clients.