Denver Metrolist MATRIX Update and next steps

The MBB system for Denver is now running using MATRIX data. Please continue to check functionality on your websites – especially MBB Widgets.

The purpose of this article is to explain some further actions required by YOU over the coming months that are due to these changes.

[information]PLEASE NOTE

This article ONLY relates to customers using the MBB Plugin on your own (self-hosted) website, with Denver MLS data.
If you are using a Blue Fire WordPress website or other website solution from Blue Fire Group (us!) then you do not need to take any further action. We will make all these changes for you.[/information]

Unfortunately, a lack of documentation and support for vendors from Denver MLS has meant that even as recently as last week we were still identifying options for some data fields that had been dropped that might affect you.

However, we want all our customers to know that we will continue to carefully monitor the MATRIX system and provide feedback to the staff at the MLS to ensure that the MBB system remains stable for you and your clients.

So whats next?

The following actions still need to be taken by YOU. The actions relate only to things we cannot automatically adjust on your behalf!

Redundant Search Criteria (hopefully this has all taken care of!)

There may be a very small number of you that still have Widget Filters, Quick Search Links or Property Alerts that utilize “old” search criteria that is not supported.
These need to be identified and corrected.

As a reminder, the changed fields that are affected are: MLS area codes, Pierson Map references and city block numbers.
See this article for more details on this.

Action Plan to end of 2013

The reason more changes are needed is because a number of important fields have changed, for example there are only 3 “property type” values now instead of 4.

Currently, we have a “translation” system that automatically identifies and converts any “old” criteria to “new” criteria for you whenever a search is made.
So all your searches and filters are still working.
However, using the translator system is unsustainable in the long term, and so we will be requiring you make changes in your website to any Widget Filters or Quick Search Links that utilize these fields.

NOTE: We have already made all the changes needed to any Property Alerts in your LAC account – there is no need to change anything in the LAC.

How to do this?

We are creating an MBB Data Mapping document that we will make available in about 2 weeks time that will be a guide to the changes required.
This will clearly show “old” search / filter criteria and how it needs to be changed to “new” search criteria.

Your action will be to locate all Widget Filters or Quick Search links that you have on your website and make any required changes. These changes will need to be made by the end of 2013.

We will also be monitoring search queries being received by the MBB system. When a search query is received that uses “old” criteria we will post a notice of this to a new report for you.
This report will show you the details of the things that need fixing.

We will provide you with plenty of time to make these changes!

Our goal is to have all changes made by the end of 2013.

We will send out further news and alerts regarding this change, and post messages in your LAC account as needed.