New Feature: Star Rating System for Property Listings

Property Listings Star Rating | Buying Buddy IDX Search and Integrated Lead ManagementWe have implemented a new feature that allows consumers to RATE the properties they view while using the Buying Buddy IDX property search widget. This information is currently being stored and the consumer will always be able to see the rating they have given any listing. Ratings are private to each consumer.

We will be holding a client user group in mid-March with our current customers, and will be using the feedback from the group to further develop the rating system according to the way our customers want it!

Stay tuned for further developments, or visit our site at to check out all of our new features.

2 Comments to “New Feature: Star Rating System for Property Listings”

  • Ben Fiedler

    Just noticed the new ratings system this morning. I can see it will help Buyers prioritize what they want to see. That’s really a time-saver for me.

  • Lance Myers

    Thank you for the feedback Ben! Please let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve upon it. Are you coming to the User Group on March 19th?