Agents and Brokers Who Enhance Their Skill Set with Technology Go Further

Don’t just give technology a handshake, embrace it because it is not going anywhere. The fear of new technology and industry disruptors among agents is real, but if you face that fear, you will find there is actually nothing to be afraid of. Beyond that, you will come to learn ways to provide an exceptional experience for your customers and set yourself apart from the competition.

Traditional real estate disruptors like Zillow and Redfin could soon look like small potatoes in comparison to a disruption caused by Amazon, and judging by recent events, this type of disruption might just be on the horizon.  But don’t panic. The robots can only “take over so far”.  They will never be able to replace the Realtor, agent, and broker because there are personal skills they will never be able to replicate.

Providing a Concierge Experience

People have the ability to make other people feel important. An app or a website can have the most sophisticated interface, but it still does not possess that skill.  However, people can take that technology and use it to let other people (leads and customers) know how important they are.  Using tools provided by technology, like automated email responses and customized drip campaigns, can demonstrate to the client how important they are.

Think of it like online shopping versus brick and mortar shopping. The online shopping experience follows a formula across every website regardless of product or brand.  From Louis Vuitton to Walmart the process is: select item, add to cart, pay and leave the site. However, if there is a question or issue, what do you have to do?  Talk to a human.

Here you will begin to see a difference in how important one person can make another person feel.  Differentiation in levels of customer service become evident. It’s important to note when taking the communication from technology to personal, the interaction is typically still through a technology.  A seller will often use services like online chat or email to enhance the customer experience.

The same is true for real estate.  There will always be aspects of customer service that technology cannot replicate or replace like experience, knowledge (especially niche neighborhood knowledge), personalization and personality.

Understanding the magnitude and emotional gravity of buying a home (especially for first-time buyers)

Cars and homes are usually the two largest purchases a person makes during their lifetime.  It is a choice that has lasting consequences (good and bad) that, once made, cannot be reversed just by presenting a receipt. Often Realtors are more than just a “Realtor” and find themselves playing therapist, life coach, referee and even tie breaker. Whether it’s a couple who want different things or someone who is nervous about the commitment, you are there to guide them through the process with care, concern, and respect.  These attributes and personal investment are things that machines or software cannot bring to the table.

Providing Expert Guidance

Technology can run an algorithm and give a specific response.  However, the only way it can do this is by looking at checked boxes from provided options.  It doesn’t know why it has come to the conclusion it has, it just followed a set of rules.  It is a data-in data-out relationship.  Like the emotional responses that come with the home buying experience, the journey is not a strictly data-in data out-process.

Buyers rely on agents to give good advice and be their guide.  They expect their agent to have their best interests at heart and represent them in that way. A good agent knows how to take the connection made by technology into the real world, and give advice based on professional experience, market knowledge, and inside knowledge (like pocket listing and personal connections).

The technology disruptions in the news today will soon be forgotten because another disruptor will come along.  Understanding this fact, and that no amount of petition signing will stop technological progress, will help you move on to acceptance and finally (hopefully) an embrace of technology.

As you begin to embrace technology you will be able to see how you can use it to enhance your skill set and give you benefits instead of headaches. CRM solutions are a proven technology that has been around for a while and are not going anywhere. In fact, they continue to improve. Their track record makes them a great place to start a relationship with technology. While there are many to choose from, the ideal CRM for real estate is an IDX solution that is centered around the real estate industry, like the Buying Buddy IDX CRM solution.  When you are ready to stop fighting and start embracing technology, contact us.