Your Website now provides a Real Estate Portal


A personalized real estate portal is available for your leads and clients.

The portal is a built-in component of Buying Buddy widgets, and can be accessed from all the other widgets.

When accessed, the portal can be accessed from any page, and always features you, the agent.

Real estate portal dashboard for your leads, clients and prospects

Always Sending Leads and Clients Back To Your Website

All registered leads and clients have their own personal account portal that holds all the details about their home searches and favorites:

  • Save properties and ranked properties with personal notes.
  • Ranked properties with personal notes.
  • Add personal notes to properties.
  • Save Searches.
  • Create and manage multiple New-Listing Property Alerts.
  • See Property Recommendations from Agent.

NOTE: All lead activity is tracked and reported for you in the integrated Buying Buddy CRM system.

Every property alert, follow-up and email is a reason for leads and clients to return to your website.

Saved and viewed properties shown the real estate portal
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