Property Details IDX Widget


A unique Property Details page is always created for all listings (on all website platforms) using your foundation page as the slug. The page name / slug can be anything you like that works with your website system.

Full details display for a property

"View" Property Details Buttons

When the "View" button is clicked to view the property (from all summary views such as gallery, list, maps, results etc), property details are presented in a full-screen overlay. In this case, the user is NOT directed to your "details" page.

Even though each property always has a unique page address that uses the designated "details" page slug, loading a new page each time to view details of a property is slow, and visitors can also easily lose their place in any paginated results.

Buying Buddy avoids these issues and gives users a far better experience by using an advanced "overlay" method.
(This method is not used when using links from emails - these links go to the actual property details page.)

When the overlay is presented, the following occur:

  • Normal navigation experiences are maintained - the Visitor may use the browser back-arrow, "Esc" or "Close" button on the widget to close the overlay and return to their original page.
  • A link to the actual property page (URL) is displayed on the details page for reference.

This "overlay" method provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Showing property details is intuitive and makes presenting listing data much faster.
  • The top navigation bar allows a user to navigate forward and backward through the set of results.
  • Using the "overlay" ensures that when the user returns to the prior view (e.g. the map, or on page 3 of a list), their relative position in a list of results is maintained, which typically does not occur when viewing a result using methods that load the detail on a new page.

It is possible to change this approach, with settings in your Buying Buddy account, so that property details always display in a new tab as a full property details page with the property address URL.

Add a Branded Header to the Overlay

An optional setting will show a branded header across the top of the details in the overlay view. The "header" will get created automatically if you select this option.

The header consists of:

  • Your business logo
  • Your business name
  • Your name, profile photo and contact details
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