Search Results IDX Widget


The Results widget will be a common resource on your website that is used to display the properties resulting from a search. This widget is placed on a page in your website that will be dedicated to showing search results.

Results are presented in a split-screen format with the map and list interacting together.

The IDX MLS results widget

Custom Search Links to the Results Page

Custom Search Links are fast and easy to create and can help your marketing in many ways, including:

  • Provide custom links to a webpage where your target audience can immediately see properties they are interested in
  • Drive traffic to your website from many other sites
  • Add a simple call-to-action with any marketing message
  • Create specialist search links using advanced or obscure MLS criteria that consumers may not know are available.

"Custom Search Links" are specially created links that take you directly to a predefined search result.
Using Custom Search Links, any number of links based on any MLS search criteria can be created.

A link might be expressed like this:
"See the latest homes with mountain views, under $300,000"

And if you had the results widget on a page called "/results", the link URL might be something like this:

Even though the link may seem complex, no technical skills are required because the Buying Buddy Widget Wizard creates it for you.

Using this method, it's easy to create many sophisticated searches for your prospects and clients, for example:

  • Show your listings based on your MLS Agent ID
  • Show "Fix-Ups" in a specific ZIP code area
  • Show properties on a map bounded by a polygon shape (e.g. the river, the wooded area an the highway)
  • Show million dollar homes in your local sub division that back on to green-space

Custom Search Links can be used in your emails, on Facebook, Craigslist, other social media, in your blog articles - in fact on any webpage where you can show a link!

This is a powerful method that allows you to present relevant properties to specific target groups in your marketing.

The link is always created using YOUR website URL, and will always present the properties on your website.

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