MLS Search IDX Widget


The Search widget displays a standard search form bar that provides access to all the MLS criteria for your MLS that we receive in the IDX data feed.

The IDX MLS search widget initial view

The search widget will support multiple MLS in an account.

You can add the search form widget to any number of pages.

Area Search

This field provides a search and select function. It will find matches for City, Neighborhood or Zip. For some MLS, this may also include Area or Region.

Search Nearby

Choosing to search nearby allows consumers to search within a radius of their current position.

More Filters

The More Filters option shows a panel with all the advanced search options.

Preset Values

Search values can be present on the search form. So, if you want to create a section of your website that guides consumers to search for "fix up" listings for example, then this criteria can be pre-set on the search form in that section.

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