IDX Disclaimer Widget


MLS disclaimers will normally be shown underneath each and every widget that you have on a web page that displays listings.

This means, for example, if you have multiple Gallery display widgets on one page, then each gallery will have MLS disclaimers showing under it.
This can make page layouts look very busy.

However, these individual disclaimers on each display Widget can be suppressed by including the Disclaimers widget once on that page.

How the disclaimer widget removes unnecessary disclaimer displays

The Disclaimer Widget - One Widget to Disclaim Them All

This widget takes care of displaying the appropriate set of IDX disclaimers on a page as required for your MLS. When used, it will suppress the disclaimers from showing up on other widgets on that page.

This widget will show MLS/IDX disclaimers for all the MLS IDX services set up for your account.
This mechanism allows to you make design choices about where to display IDX disclaimers.

For example, by including the Disclaimers Widget in the footer section of each page, you are complying with IDX rules but keeping the disclaimers out of the main content on your pages.

When this widget IS included on a page then the disclaimers associated with individual display widgets will not be shown.

This approach means that page layouts can be kept cleaner and simpler.

The image above shows this effect. On the left, how MLS disclaimers will be shown underneath each widget. The image on the right demonstrates how the disclaimer widget is added to the very bottom of the page has the effect of suppressing all other disclaimers on that page.

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